Professional Recommendations

The following recommendations come from professionals I’ve worked with for over 20 years.

Joyce Kay is a very capable therapist I have known Joyce Kay Hamilton for many years as her clinical supervisor, so I am very familiar with her work with clients. I know her to be kind, compassionate, and resourceful in helping her clients find better ways to deal with issues and challenges in their lives. She is especially capable when helping clients who have suffered some type of physical or mental disability and are now trying to recover and go on with their lives. Her unique blend of empathy and professionalism make her easy to talk with and highly creative in solving problems with both adult individuals and couples.

– Howard Gray Atkins, Jr., Ph.D.
Consulting Clinical Psychologist

Highly recommended counselor I have worked with Joyce Kay on numerous cases for many years, as she has consulted with clients of mine undergoing rehabilitation for severe injuries. She is very talented at helping these folks effectively manage depression and anger issues, learn pain management techniques, and cope with personal / family issues related to financial and emotional difficulties that can occur. I also have received numerous compliments from others who have worked with her and from those who have been counseled by her, and nothing but praise has ever been expressed. I highly recommend Joyce Kay for anyone wanting to address their personal issues. She is calming, reassuring and remarkably insightful.

– James C. Brady, MS

I have known and worked with Ms. Hamilton for many years. She is an experienced and skilled therapist who plies her craft with compassion and strength. The environments that I have worked in with Joyce Kay tend to have challenging clients, often with complex issues. She has consistently been able to handle these difficult cases and provide help and hope to those she works with.

– Jack Currin, PhD


Client Testimonials

The following testimonials come from clients I’ve worked with over the years.


I recommend Joyce Kay to anybody who seems like they need a helping hand. Whether you suffer from depression, anxiety, or are having trouble coping with grief and/or stress, Joyce Kay will help. She is an excellent listener, and provides real coping mechanisms and skills that you can easily integrate into your everyday life. I highly recommend her and hope you give her a try.

– A H

Seeing you a few times got me to a good place. Just having someone listen and give an unbiased opinion is all I needed. Thank you so much!

– A R

Dramatic improvement I have been seeing Joyce Kay for over a year now for anxiety that I have had most of my life. I have seen dramatic improvements in the way that I cope with these type of feelings since working with her. She is a great therapist and I would highly recommend her to anyone who is interested in seeking support.

– A W

Joyce Kay was able to provide practical strategies which allowed me to better manage my stress and anxiety. She was very realistic in her approach and encouraged building new habits which led to the result I desired, a less stressful life and the tools to mitigate anxiety. Thanks for all of your help!

– B B

Practical Advice Joyce Kay gives practical, real-life feedback that I can start applying today. I appreciate that she allows me to focus on the “now”, delving into my history and childhood when it’s applicable (but not over focusing on it). She’s an open-minded and an excellent listener, which makes me feel comfortable discussing challenging topics.

– B C

I wanted to thank you for everything you have done and getting me through a very rough time! It’s been a pleasure getting to know you and wish you nothing but the best in the future!

– D C

Thank you for showing me different ways to work out my problems. First, I wasn’t sure about coming in, but you proved that it can be done. All the advice you gave worked, it didn’t take much on my part to implement it in my life. It made a major difference in my marriage, at work place, and in all of my other relationships with family and friends. Thank you for all you have done for me.

– E C

I Feel comfortable with her! I’ve been in therapy for the past 15 years and, as a newcomer to Dallas, it was very hard for me to find someone I felt comfortable with. I tried several reputable counselors in Dallas, and could not develop a connection with any of them. Finally, after a friend’s recommendation, I called Joyce Kay. Within the first 20 minutes of our meeting, I knew this was a counselor I could relate to and see myself working with long term. Finding a counselor is often like dating, and you have to have a connection for the relationship to work. I appreciate Joyce Kay’s empathy, reliability, Christian perspective, but most importantly, I appreciate how she makes you think for the answer which allows for self-reflection. Too often counselors will limit their advice, I like to be guided and have feedback from my therapist, and Joyce Kay definitely provides this. My only wish is that I had found Joyce Kay sooner, she’s been instrumental in my progress with counseling.

– JB

I knew I met the therapist for me when I saw that Joyce Kay had scriptures and biblical text throughout her office. She is direct but gentle, observant but non-judgemental, and a great sounding board when in doubt about life’s trials. I am very fortunate to know such an incredible human being.


I came to Joyce Kay to help me cope during a difficult time in my life when I was too overwhelmed to handle what was going on around me. Not only did she help me through that period, but she helped me to learn how to decrease my daily anxiety and improve my negative body image… things I just assumed I would live the rest of my life torturing myself about. Her CBT helped me to realign the way I approach challenges in my life.

– J M

Extremely open Ms. Hamilton is both an extremely open and caring therapist. As a client, i can tell you that she is absolutely my advocate. A very human presence, not a removed clinician.

– K K

No nonsense Joyce Kay is kind and no-nonsense all at the same time. The most important thing she did for us as a couple was to effectively explain the two different methods of thinking between the sexes and help us realize we can’t change each other. Instead, we can understand each other and be good listeners.

– K S

I would like to thank you for all of the advice and guidance you have given me. I have actually been able to implement along much of what we had been talking about recently, and things are actually going very well for me. Thank you so much for your time, you have been a big help to me over the past year.

– M C

After only a few sessions with Joyce Kay, I noticed a huge difference in my life, not only with how I began to be aware of my own thought process, but also in my relationships with my husband and my children. Joyce Kay is easy to talk with and not judgmental. I can’t say enough about how much I appreciate her perspective and guidance to help me live a better life.

– M F

My experience My experience with Joyce Kay was excellent. I would recommend her to anyone. She is very helpful, understanding, and, most of all, she believes in God. She will help you in anyway and then direct you the right way to go as well.

– M G

My time with Joyce Kay has been a gift to me. I am immensely grateful for her guidance and insight as I journey through life. I leave every session feeling more hopeful and positive than when I arrived. Thank you, Joyce Kay.

– N S

My husband and I decided to see Joyce Kay on our first year of marriage as we are trying to adapt and learn from each other. She has been extremely helpful in giving my husband and I strategies to work better as partners. She gives instant feedback on day to day situations and shares exercises that will help strengthen our marriage while accommodating each of our personalities. Her work has definitely made us stronger.

– PE

Joyce Kay allowed my wife and I to better our relationship and clear up communication concerns. An unbiased advocate to make our relationship stronger and ultimately better. Compassionate, caring, understanding and someone who will listen is what we wanted in a therapist and offer potential solutions to concerns we had as a married couple and individually. Joyce Kay’s calm demeanor, deep thought, practical advice and ability to tie back spiritually positive outcomes has been a wonderful experience.

– PL

Husband: “Thanks to Joyce Kay, my wife can wreck an $85,000 vehicle and I can smile about it give her a hug and kiss her and tell her I love her!!!!’ ‘And I’m a car guy!’ In all seriousness, Joyce Kay I calmly responded. Thanks JK!
Wife: Let’s just say that this afternoon I did some damage to one of the prized possessions going through the bank drive through! My husband is handling it quite well, though and I think we owe that in large part to you.

– PL and NL

I really really appreciate everything you have done for me and all the great advice you have given me! I will always keep them wherever I go! Thank you so much!

– R T

I recently moved to the area and I am blessed to have found Ms. Hamilton. She helped me during a difficult time of transition and made me feel welcomed, accepted, and loved. I am relieved and encouraged after every session. I trust Ms. Hamilton and appreciate her abundance of compassion.

– T T

Ms. Hamilton has a wonderful knack for putting things into perspective I leave our sessions feeling more confident and excited to face the upcoming week.

– W C